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New York City may never sleep, but sometimes you want to escape Manhattan and head out of town, all behind the wheel of a luxury rental car. Whether you are heading out east to the Hampton’s or other beach side activities on Long Island, north into the beautiful Hudson Valley, or across the Hudson River to New Jersey, our beautiful car rentals can take you exactly where you want to go. Black Car Rental USA is ready when you are, and our quality cars are just as at home on the highways and byways surrounding New York City as they are on Madison and Park Avenues.

Why rely upon the Long Island Railroad, Metro North or PATH train to drop you miles from where you really want to be, laden with luggage and packages, and exhausted from battling the crowds on the platforms and in the stations. With a beautiful car from Black Car Rental USA, you can arrive exactly where you want to go—and at the time you want to be there—without struggling, lugging and suffering through the travel.

From your first phone call to our office to apply to your new car pulling up to the curb, from crossing the bridge out of New York City cruising along the coastline, we are here to support you all the way. From repairs to accidents and other emergencies which may arise, we take care of the paperwork and particulars so that you can keep on driving.Our customers have been thrilled with the quality vehicles, easy rentals and extensive customer service we provide and have returned year after year, referring their colleagues to rent cars from us to enjoy the fall foliage of the Catskills, summer on the Jersey Shore, or the year-round wineries of the North Fork.

Our cars are ready for you to go—sleek, polished, and shiny inside and out. From the suspension system to the sound system, and from spotless floors to crystal clear windows, our car rentals are ready for action. Why worry about the condition of your vehicle when you can be behind the wheel of a top notch quality car, ready for action?

Rent a TLC Black Car

What are you looking for in a car?

Simply browse through our website to view the makes and models of our available cars, and picture yourself behind the wheel cruising over the bridge, along the ocean, and away from NYC in one of our luxury vehicles. Whether you need something large enough to fit passengers and luggage or something sporty to capture your spirit of adventure, we have a car all ready for you to fill your needs. And our cars are always clean, detailed and ready to impress—whatever the time or day that you want to set out on the open road.

Our Ironclad Service Commitment

Our customer service is legendary, and that shines through most when there is a problem on the road. Whether it is a flat tire or a damaged front end from an accident, contact us and we will take care of the details and paperwork while you continue on the road. Our representatives are available 24/7 to deal with new requests, sudden issues, and the emergencies that arise with our customers in the course of their work. No issue is too big—or too small—to warrant a call to our office, because when you are happy, we are happy!

We Are Fully Insured

Our cars are all fully insured, with the best insurance policy and pricing in the whole industry, And you have no additional paperwork if there is an accident or incident on the road, as our office will take care of all of your needs. No hidden loopholes or surprises—fully insured, all of the time!


Where will YOU go on your journey outside New York City in a beautiful rental from Black Car Rental USA?

  • Will you take one of our luxurious cars out east for a beach vacation with friends? You will be proud to pull up to a hotel or home on the water in a fully detailed rental, loaded with your equipment, fresh from the drive rather than exhausted from the commute with other travellers on the trains and buses.
  • Or perhaps your beautiful vehicle from Car Rental USA will carry you north, across the Hudson River and past beautiful scenery, quaint towns and shops to fill your luxurious car with purchases from your travels.
  • Unless you would rather head south along the New Jersey shoreline, stopping at a beach, boardwalk, or even Atlantic City on you travels?

Wherever you are heading, you will arrive without the hassles of mass transit, crowds on the trains, and aches and pains from lugging your luggage. And with our top-of-the-line, fully detailed cars, you will arrive proudly in style, so that your time away can be as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible, without feeling like an extension of your work week.


Whether you are a native New Yorker looking for a short escape from Manhattan or a visitor from out of town wanting to see the surrounding area, our representatives are standing by, ready to fulfill your car rental needs by surpassing you expectations. We take care of clients who need a car just once in awhile as well as those with ongoing needs, and all receive the finest service, well maintained cars and worry free amenities that accompany every rental. If you are a regular customer needing a car more frequently, we can have your vehicle of choice ready to go when you are. It is like having all of the familiarity of car ownership with none of the downsides. At Black Car Rental NYC, we take care of all the mundane to exasperating things, including insurance, maintenance and storage between uses, leaving you to simply enjoy your car whenever you like. Imagine what you can do and where you would go . . . with a beautiful car from Black Car Rental USA waiting for you!