Rent a car to drive for Uber/Lyft/VIA

Black Car Rental

Are you looking to rent a vehicle to use in your own Uber, Lyft or VIA business around town. If you want YOUR customers to be satisfied—with everything from the cleanliness and maintenance of our cars inside and out to those who wish to arrive in style and turn heads while they turn the corner—you have come to the right place with Black Car Rental NYC.

From your first call to our helpful representatives through the pickup of your luxury vehicle, you will see that we strive to meet—and exceed—your expectations of customer service, so that you can concentrate on your OWN Uber, Lyft or VIA customers, free from the worries about the vehicle you use. Whether this is your first car rental or your twentieth, you have come to the right place for the car and rental that will make your business run smoothly and your customers gush with excitement.

Our easy rentals are available when YOU need them, whether you have a need for a car on an ongoing basis or just when you need to fulfill a special customer request. Contact us anytime by phone or by filling out the form on our website, and reserve your car for the days and times that YOU need it most, and then go on with your business knowing that your car will be available when you need it.

Our goal is to supply quality cars to Uber, Lyft or VIA car drivers while supporting our drivers with support and service they can count upon. Our customers have been thrilled with the quality vehicles, easy rentals and extensive customer service we provide, and have returned year after year, referring their colleagues to rent cars from us as well. 

Whether you are driving your Uber, Lyft or VIA customers to a night out on the town, a concert or museum, a business meeting or conference, or just the standard airport pickup, our cars turns a mundane trip into an event. Your customers deserve to arrive in style, and YOU deserve a company to provide you with a beautiful car in pristine condition, ready to turn heads on the street.

Rent a TLC Black Car

Whether this is your first car rental or you have been renting for years, you have come to the right place for the car and rental that will make your business run smoothly and your customers gush with excitement.

Our representatives are available 24/7 to deal with new requests, sudden issues, and the emergencies that arise with our customers in the course of their work. No issue is too big or too small to warrant a call to our office, because when you are happy, we are happy! Our customers tell us that it is the little things—from shiny chrome to a fresh and clean smell—which make our car rentals the obvious choice, as they know that they will receive EXACTLY what they have been promised, and never worry that they will be letting their own clients down. The last thing you need to worry about as a professional driver is your customer sitting in the back seat finding fault with your vehicle. Instead they will be thrilled with the ride, and rank you higher for the quality they experience while riding in the back seat of your car.

Want to make money Driving for Uber, Lyft and VIA?

And who isn’t? There’s no time like the present, and there are literally people standing curbside right now looking for a professional driver to take them where they need to be in style. We will help—from your first application through the delivery of your vehicle—and have you out service your customers on the road in no time. You can focus on your Uber, Lyft or VIA customers without worrying about the cleanliness or condition of your vehicle. There are plenty of drivers out there vying for fares, so if you want the highest rankings from customers so that you can stand out in a crowded field and attract quality customers, a can from Black Car Rentals USA will give you that edge. And with all maintenance taken care of for you, you won’t need to spend time on car issues and instead can get right onto the road making money.

Perhaps you are you a new driver just entering the business, looking for your first car rental, but overwhelmed already at the choices, paperwork and applications involved? Or perhaps an experienced driver looking for a new car to infuse positive energy into your business? Whether you are a newbie just starting out, and yet overwhelmed by the choices, steps and red-tape involved or a current Uber, Lyft or VIA driver who has discovered the shortcomings of your current car rental situation, we would love to meet and speak with you about your professional goals, and show you how our quality cars, exceptional customer service and customer guarantees can help to get you started and driving in no time.


Is the paperwork and headache of getting started keeping you from achieving your own business goals? Are you dreaming of success, freedom and fulfillment, but unsure of the exact steps to get there? We make it easy, as we guide you through the application process and deliver your car ready to take on passengers. We deal with any headaches in between customers as well—from accidents to repairs—as paperwork is our specialty. Meanwhile, you can keep focused upon growing your business, the business that will give you the professional success you crave.

We make it easy, by accepting credit cards, debit cards, money orders, direct deposits and bank transfers for the payment of your black car rental. Whether you are just getting started as a driver and want to start out at the top, or have had years of drudgery under your belt and are ready to take it up a notch, Black Car Rentals NYC is your ticket to the next level of your business. Don’t settle for less—if you call today, you can be driving tomorrow!