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New York City . . . the city that never sleeps . . . get where YOU need to go in a car from Black Car Rental USA. Sure, there are subways, buses and taxicabs, but if you want complete control, to arrive—and leave—when it works for you, and to have a place to keep your things between events in different locations all around Manhattan and beyond, nothing beats a rental car from us. 

  • Imagine pulling up at your next location—not tired, sweaty and disheveled from battling mass transit with millions of others, but fresh and composed in a beautiful rental car.
  • Imagine carrying only what you actually need, and not dragging a rolling bag behind you filled with your needs for the day so that you don’t have to double back during the day.
  • Imagine being able to offer rides to others, carry merchandise around NYC and arrive exactly where you want to go—not blocks and blocks away—in a stylish and luxurious vehicle from Black Car Rental USA.

Whether you need a car for a day or a week, just once or on a regular basis, we are THE car rental agency in NYC that can provide all this and more.

A wide variety of vehicles to rent—pick your favorite!

Browse through our website to view the makes and models of available cars, and picture yourself behind the wheel of our luxury vehicle. Whether you are looking for something small and sporty or large and luxurious, we have the right car for you. And we make the car rental process as seamless as possible—just contact our office via the web or by phone, and we will get your car all ready for you, and before you know it, you’ll be pulling away from the curb and heading into your schedule in style.

Our Commitment to Service with our Rental Cars—Our Commitment to YOU

Our customer service is legendary, and whether you are having an uneventful rental or there is a problem on the road, we are here to serve you. Perhaps you have experienced a flat tire or a damaged front end from an accident, simply contact us and we will take care of the details and paperwork while you continue on the road. Our representatives are available 24/7 to deal with new requests, sudden issues, and any emergencies that arise with our customers in the course of their day. No issue is too big or too small to warrant a call to our office, because when you are happy, we are happy. Things happen, and we are here to help, whether you are having the best day of your life or the worst. 

Rent a TLC Black Car

No Worries—Our Rental Cars are Fully Insured

Our cars are all fully insured, with the best insurance policy and pricing in the whole industry. Renting a car from Black Car Rental USA means that YOU don’t ever need to worry about insurance—that is OUR job. Now THAT is worth a sigh of relief! We take car of everything, from car maintenance and cleaning through paperwork from incidents on the road, so that you can focus on your needs and events to attend in a beautiful rental vehicle.


Our cars are always ready to go—fully cleaned and detailed, glistening from windows to wheel wells and chrome to carpets. When you rent a car from us, you aren’t merely renting a vehicle—you are joining our family of drivers who want the best cars available with service you can trust. And as our family, we want the safest, cleanest, most enjoyable rental experience for you every single time.

Do you worry that your rental car won’t live up to the hype, and that all of your efforts will yield more of a dingy vehicle which isn’t turning any heads on the streets of Manhattan? A car that is a disappointment to your friends and colleagues as they step into the gloomy interior? Worry no longer, as our cars are glistening from chrome to cup holders, and fully polished inside and out. YOU will make a great impression on others—from the moment you pull up to the curb to others sliding into the seat.

Perhaps you have had a bad car rental experience before, and the inconvenience left you sour and skittish about trying again/

  • Maybe you showed up to pick up your rental vehicle, and it was nothing like you pictured it would look.
  • Perhaps the past renters were still evident by the trash or smells that they left behind in the vehicle.
  • Or maybe you were too embarrassed by the condition of the vehicle to have anyone else get in with you.

Any of these could turn you off from renting a car for good! However, when you rent a car from Black Car Rental USA to take the streets of Manhattan, your car will be:

  • Better than you expect—our goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. 
  • Fully cleaned and detailed after every rental. Your car will shine inside and out, and the only smell will be that new car smell, as if it were fresh off the assembly line.
  • Luxurious from the front fender to the tail pipe—you’ll feel like a celebrity exiting onto the sidewalks of New York City.

As the streets of Manhattan can be a zoo all on their own, we strive to make our customers happy inside our vehicles, as we can’t exactly control the chaos outside for our customers. From your initial phone call to Black Car Rental USA or website visit to make your reservation to the feeling of comfort as you battle the crowds from your oasis of luxury, your car rental will surpass your expectations in every way. Whether you have appointments down in the financial district or north of Harlem, dinner reservations by the Brooklyn Bridge or catching the sunset from the Highline, your rental car will bring you to all points in NYC in style. Call today, and enjoy the ride!