Our Policies

Our policies are in place to protect YOU – our customer – from some common
pitfalls of renting, as well as to protect our future renters.

Our Rental Requirements

All you need to rent one of our luxury black cars is a valid drivers license and a valid TLC license. There is no minimum or maximum age on our car rentals.


We make it easy, by accepting credit cards, debit cards, money orders, direct deposits and bank transfers for the payment of your black car rental.

Returning the Car

Your rental agreement will specify the location where your black car must be returned. If for some reason you wish to return your car early, we must be notified at least one month (30 days) prior to your return.

Additional Drivers

If you will be renting your black car for more than one shift, we will presume that an additional driver will be utilizing the vehicle and apply a second driver surcharge. The second driver will have the same rental requirements as the primary driver, which is a valid drivers license and a valid TLC license. All drivers are responsible for the car until it is returned at the end of the rental period.

Needed Repairs

All repairs must be approved by a Black Car Rental manager, and you will receive this approval in written form. If a renter arranges for a repair without written approval by a manager, please be aware that the renter will be held fully responsible for any additional repair work that may be needed to restore the car to its pre-rental condition.

Smoking, Pets and other Smells

The renter is NOT permitted to have pets of any kind in their rental vehicle, as the odor and pet hair require additional cleaning. Similarly, smoking is not permitted, nor incense or other odiferous actions. If a car is returned with an odor or animal hair, the renter will be charged an additional fee for us to deodorize and detail the car, returning it to its pre-rental condition. The minimum charge for such deodorizing and detailing is $250, but can be higher, depending upon the extent and intensity of the odor and/or animal hair.


The renter is responsible for any tolls - whether it is for bridges, tunnels, parking areas or other tolls - which occur during the rental period.


The renter is responsible for any tickets - including traffic violations, parking, TLC tickets, EZPass violations or other tickets - which occur during the rental period.

In Case of an Accident

If you should have an accident while driving our black car, please remember the following:

  • Call 911 right away – do NOT try to handle this on your own
  • Be sure to fill out a police accident report while still at the scene of the crash
  • Call and let us know about the accident as soon as possible (but after 911 – your safety is paramount!)

We will file a claim and take care of all necessary paperwork and other issues for you. Your only concern is YOU – we will take care of the rest.